Sussex among best places in UK to experience paranormal activity

Sussex has been ranked as one of the best places in the UK to experience paranormal activity.

Hundreds of sightings have been made in the county, according to the website, which says Sussex is the fifth best place in the country for spooky goings-on.

Four-hundred and thirty-eight instances of paranormal activity have been found in the area, the report found, which ranked sightings on a scale ranging from haunting manifestations to phantom treasure guardians.

The most prevalent type of paranormal experiences in the UK consist of haunting manifestations, such as spirits or poltergeists. These sightings account for 59 per cent of all UK reports, the report said.

Sussex is the fifth best place in the UK for paranormal experiences (stock image)

Paranormal investigator and former Hastings resident Malcolm Robinson said the report would be great news for tourism in Sussex.

He added: “West Sussex clearly has a lot of historical buildings and castles. We know for sure many hauntings have appeard in castles in England.

“It doesn’t surprise me we have made fifth spot which is great.”

Malcolm said there was ‘clearly something afoot’ and urged anyone who had experienced spooky events in Sussex to get in touch with him at [email protected]

Malcolm’s ninth book, Please Leave Us Alone: The true and terrifying story of an Irish family and their desperate fight against the hatman and supernatural forces, goes on sale on Amazon next month.

Have you had a paranormal experience in Sussex? Email [email protected]