Sussex charity urges people to consider adopting senior dogs - see the adorable pooches available for adoption

A Sussex animal rescue is shining a spotlight on its OAPs (old age pooches) in the hope that people will open their homes to a ‘gorgeous golden oldie’.

Since June this year, nearly 40 per cent of people wanting to adopt a dog of a specific age from Dogs Trust were looking for a four-legged friend under six months, compared to 10 per cent looking for a dog aged 8 and over. *

The team at the charity’s Shoreham branch are hoping that these golden oldies will buck the trend and ‘prove every dog really does have its day’.

Adel Burnett, centre manager at Dogs Trust Shoreham, said: “Sometimes older dogs can be overlooked in favour of younger pups, but they deserve just as much attention and care from new owners as their younger counterparts.

“There are lots of benefits of rehoming an Old Age Pooch. Often older dogs don’t need quite as much exercise and although they can be a little less energetic, senior canines can be just as fun and playful.

“Older dogs are more likely to be fully house-trained and, as they are older and wiser, they usually know other training basics too, but you can certainly still teach an older dog new tricks.

“They can also make the perfect napping partner and enjoy a good snooze and a snuggle.”

If you think you can give a senior dog its forever home, read more about them below and visit: