Sussex countryside group raises concerns over oil exploration in Balcombe

Countryside charity the CPRE is asking why climate change concerns have been ‘overlooked’ by the county council in relation to controversial oil well testing in Balcombe.
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Although applauding the officers’ recomendation to refuse an application to extend testing by Angus Energy plc for another three years, director of CPRE Sussex Kia Trainor said: “We do not understand why the impact of Angus’s activities on our warming climate is not deemed to be another good reason for turning down the application.

“Has the council forgotten that it recognised that a Climate Emergency exists only last year?”

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The meeting at which the decision was due to be taken was cancelled due to the coronavirus lockdown, and a new date is yet to be set.

Kia added: “The writing is on the wall for fracking here from both an environmental and economical standpoint.”

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