Sussex man saves Halloween for children with drone delivery

When Horsham man Chris Bennett learned that many local children were disappointed as they couldn’t go out Trick or Treating at Halloween, due to Covid restrictions he came up with an ingenious way of bring a smile to their faces.

Chris said: “The idea came about when I saw that traditional trick or treating wasn’t going to be an option this year due to Covid. I’m a wedding videographer (Chris Bennett Films), so like a lot of people at the moment I unfortunately have a lot of time on my hands and wanted to put my creative juices to the test.

“I started thinking about how could I keep the magic of trick or treating while abiding by the Covid rules, then I remembered I have a drone! So “So I contacted my friends and asked if they’d like me to surprise their kids. And that’s it really, I grabbed my drone, my friend Jordan, some sweets and of course, plenty of hand sanitiser! The kids loved it, but fingers crossed they can go back to the traditional trick or treating next year!”

Chris also used his video making skills to tell the story in the form of a Youtube video.

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