Sussex residents weigh-in after Will Smith slaps Chris Rock over Jada Pinkett Smith joke in moment that rocked the Oscars

Sussex residents have shared their hot takes following a shocking display on stage at the Oscars this year.
Picture credit: ROBYN BECK / Getty ImagesPicture credit: ROBYN BECK / Getty Images
Picture credit: ROBYN BECK / Getty Images

Film fans around the world were shocked when Hollywood actor Will Smith stormed the stage at the Oscars last night to slap comedian Chris Rock after he made what has been described as a 'tasteless' joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Smith, who later received the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for 'King Richard', appeared to take offence a joke made about his wife's alopecia.

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Referring to Pinkett Smith’s close-cropped hair, Rock said: “Jada, can’t wait for GI Jane 2”, a reference to the 1997 movie G.I Jane, where Demi Moore's haircut was similar to Jada’s.

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Watch moment Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at Oscars after Jada joke

Now Sussex residents have shared their views on the drama with many taking to social media to pick a side or claim the whole affair has been a 'publicity stunt'.

Steve Wilkins said: "Both men are dreadful role models. Chris Rock was wrong to make a bad taste joke but that doesn’t mean that if you are unhappy with that you hit someone.

"Both men were wrong and if it were a member of the public who had hit Chris, he would have been arrested."

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Sally Stanley said: "The joke shouldn't have been told. You don't get personal."

Alliedarren Muckle said: "Totally agree with what Will Smith [has] done. He has every right to."

Jason Peter was a bit more sceptical of the outburst and said: "It was a well choreographed and most likely rehearsed action slap. I mean come on, Will actually laughed at the joke initially."

Linda Niall thought it was a step too far and said it was 'not the done thing at an Oscar celebration'.

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Heather Fiona Walker said she didn't think Will Smith went far enough: "He was the Knight in Shining Armour standing up for his insulted wife. He should have punched him harder!"

Catrina Scott said: "Chris Rock ain't funny anyway. He always likes to take mick [out of] people but can't take it back... Good on Will Smith for taking him down a peg or two."

Steve Taylor was another who thought the smack was staged: "A drama unfolding at an award ceremony for drama and nobody guesses the obvious."

Wendy Smith said: "[I] don’t condone violence but he was provoked."

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