Perch on the pier: Worthing pier’s Southern Pavilion transformation

Work to renovate Worthing pier’s Southern Pavilion has been ongoing since March this year – and now the man behind the transformation has said huge progress has been made to the building.

Perch on the pier is expected to make an appearance ‘towards the end of the year’ said businessman Alex Hole, who also runs the Perch café on Lancing beach.

Mr Hole, who has funded the works himself, said: “We think people have a real fondness for this building and the pier, and from talking to people, there is genuine will and want for this to be a successful project.

“There is quite a degree of civic pride in the pier and I think it’s been a long time since people have been really proud or actually been in the Southern Pavilion to be honest, and we want people to come back and enjoy it.”

The Southern Pavilion opened as a bistro and function space in April, 2014, having undergone a renovation. It was previously a nightclub.

One of the key parts of this latest transformation is opening up the top floor of the pavilion.

Mr Hole said: “The upstairs is exceptional, no one has seen this open for a long time, it’s probably been around 50 years.”

In the north bar on the top floor there will be a second restaurant with a bar counter, featuring the building’s original glass incorporated into the floor, which can be seen from below as a sky light, another feature that people have yet to see.

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