The 10 smallest cities in the United Kingdom by population – and where Brighton and Chichester rank

Where do the Sussex cities rank alongside the country’s smallest cities based on population?

City status in the United Kingdom can be associated with having a cathedral or a university, a particular form of local government, or having a large population.

Although any of these might be used to justify the popular use of the term ‘city’, in formal terms UK city status is granted by the monarch, on the advice of ministers.

There are 76 cities in the UK – 55 in England, eight in Scotland, seven in Wales and six in Northern Ireland – includes the six new cities created in the UK during the Queen’s Jubilee in May 2022.

It is well established that London is the biggest city in the UK – containing more then ten million residents.

Brighton ranks within the top 20 on the list. The seaside location was granted city status in 2021; and sees itself ranked above Swansea, Southampton and Stoke-on-Trent with a population of more than 270,000.