This eight-year-old from Bognor Regis is braving the barbers to raise money for The Little Princess Trust

An eight-year-old girl from Bognor Regis is cutting her hair for the Little Princess Trust after watching a YouTube video about another child doing the same.

The decision came as a surprise to mum Lisa Collier, who said cutting her daughter’s hair has always been a struggle.

“It’s been hard to even trim her hair for the last couple of years,” the 41-year-old said, “because she wanted to grow it out long like Rapunzel.”

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Now though, eight-year-old Eliza-Grace Collier will be offering up ten inches of her 18-inch-long locks to the children’s charity.

Eliza has raised more than £700 for the Little Princess Trust. Photo by Lisa Collier.

“For her to come down and say something like this to me was a bit of a shock, and this is obviously such a lovely thing to do it for.

“So we looked it up and got the sponsor pack, but she didn’t realise she was going to be this popular. She’s completely overwhelmed by it all, to be honest. She’s already said she’s going to regrow her hair and do it again!”

This particular decision might have been a surprise, but Ms Collier said her daughter has always been generous: “Eliza helps me every day. Sadly, we lost my nan a year ago today, and my nan used to call her ‘my little carer,’ because there’s nothing Eliza wouldn’t do for her.”

“She’s just always been caring, cuddly and very thoughtful. She’s always giving her friends some of her pocket money, she’ll buy sweets for her little cousins. She’s just always thinking about other people.” Ms Collier said

Eliza’s online fundraiser started on April 13 and, in just three days, she has raised well over £700.

“To be honest, I thought she would probably raise two or three hundred pounds, then when she got to five hundred, I thought ‘wow, we could do this.’ And, then, of course, within a few hours, it had gone up to seven hundred.

If we could go up to £1,000, I know Eliza would just be so over the moon. Maybe it’s not a massive amount but, to her, that’s almost two wigs. They cost £550 to make.”

The pair have plenty of time to reach that goal. Eliza won’t be going to the hairdressers until April 26 and, at this rate, they’re all but set to smash their target.

“She’s just really excited about it now, because obviously she knows that there’s going to be a child out there somewhere that’s going to wear a wig with her hair in it.” Ms Collier said.

To donate to Eliza’s fundraiser, click here.