£2.4M plans to develop the Hastings seafront Pirate Golf site have been revealed

These are the £2.4 million plans for Hastings seafront Pirate Golf site

£2.4M plans to develop the Hastings seafront Pirate Golf site have been revealed.

By Mike Mackenzie
Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 5:21 pm
Updated Friday, 8th October 2021, 11:11 am

Saris Leisure Group says its investment will help provide a much needed post-Covid local economy boost with new jobs and all-year trading.

It says the plans will see the Pirate Golf site developed to include a modern seating and viewing area with uninterrupted sea views, an eatery serving high quality food, including produce from the local area.

There would be a year-round golf experience as the Pirate Golf becomes covered, and additional landscaping and planting across the area.

Saris Leisure Group co-owner Chris Richards said: “As a business that has been part of the fabric of the town and seafront site for almost 50 years, we’ve spent a lot of time investing and improving everything we do - not only benefiting the local community but bring tourism to the wider area.

“This latest plan is designed to build upon the work to date and to give Hastings an immediate economic boost as we begin to recover from Covid-19, as well as creating more long-term job security for locals”.

The planned investment is currently in the initial stages of consultation and Saris Leisure Group wants feedback from the local community and businesses on the proposals.

General manager Simon Tompkins said: “As a business that is owned by locals, run by locals and employs locally, we have always been incredibly aware of ensuring that anything we do has a maximum positive impact on Hastings first and foremost. This project is a large investment as part of a recovery process that the whole town is working toward and we’re very hopeful that local residents and businesses will support us in this plan to bring an economic boost to the town as well as extra jobs.”  

More Information at: https://www.hastingsadventuregolf.com/newdevelopment.html

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