Thunder and rain hits Chichester after record-breaking heatwave

After days of record-breaking heat across the country, Chichester receiving much-needed rain showers today.

Accompanied by bouts of thunder and flashes of lightening, a sun-scorched Chichester is finally getting some rain following the heatwave.

Temperatures soared to about 36° on Tuesday which saw thousands of people flock to the beaches of West Sussex but left popular greenspaces like Priory Park looking more like an African savannah than a lush cricketing green.

This morning has seen the heavens open alongside patches of thunder and lightening which may come as a relief to gardeners and groundskeepers but may have scuppered a number of Friday night pub garden plans across the district.

A damp view from the Observer towers

A photo taken from the window of The Chichester Observer offices shows the road around the Northgate gyratory and Orchard Street looking familiarly wet.

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