The Great Pottery Throw Down: Finalist Adam launches exclusive range of vases in collaboration with West Sussex charity

The Great Pottery Throw Down contestant Adam is launching an exclusive range of vases in collaboration with Superstar Arts, based on the cocktails creation he made for the final of the Channel 4 show.

A trustee of the West Sussex charity, Adam Johnson has created vases in three sizes based on the cocktails theme he chose for the final of The Great Pottery Throw Down in March.

The vases have been decorated by the Superstar artists at their studios in Worthing and will be sold through Adam Ceramic, with all profits going to the charity.

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Adam, who officially opened the Superstar Arts charity shop on May 6, said: “I have stayed working with Superstar Arts in some degree throughout the lockdowns. We are now putting the finishing touches to our Superstar Arts range of ceramics and plan to launch them soon.

Ceramicist Adam Johnson, a finalist on Channel 4's The Great Pottery Throw Down, shows a vase decorated especially for Grayson Perry and Superstar artist Sas Granville with the rest of the collection. Picture: Steve Robards SR2111022

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“We are making them as stand alone pieces of art that we will sell through my website to raise funds for Superstar Arts. I made the vases and each one has been delicately hand glazed by a team of Superstar participants as a true collaboration.

“They are very expressive pieces and have an amazing energy that I hope will be well received. My aim is to find a way that I can use my raised profile to benefit the Superstars and show the world that real art has no boundaries.

“Creativity is for everyone and clay is a medium that welcomes all abilities. Superstars are adults with learning disabilities and by selling them on my website, I hope to show them they are just as valid as any other artist.

Ceramicist Adam Johnson and the Superstar artists with the exclusive Superstar Arts vase collection. Picture: Steve Robards SR2111022

“I really hope they will be seen by the wider community and maybe even picked up for a gallery. Making work from concept to cash is a process that gives anyone a wide range of skills, as it involves planning, process organisation, analytical thinking, presentation and evaluation. All of these are great lessons to learn, so If we can keep making and selling these vases it would be a really amazing thing indeed.”

Adam said he felt an affinity with the Superstars because of an accident in his youth, when he was run over.

He explained: “I found myself in a wheelchair with mild brain damage. Luckily, I have made a recovery to the degree that I now don’t need help for any day-to-day aspects of life but I have a small window of my life where I did need assistance with everything.

“My creativity, personality and my need for self expression never changed and I have been lucky enough to be able to show my love of craft to the world. I now want to use what I have to direct a spotlight to some other stars I know, Superstars.”

Adam took his bisque ceramic vases along to the Superstar Arts base at West Worthing Baptist Church, in South Street, Tarring, for the group to decorate using ceramic glaze.

He said: “Effectively, all the Superstars have contributed to all the vases. They have interpreted it in their own ways. The colours were a surprise element, because of the way the glaze works. They are all different but all tied together as a collection.

“They are real art. The Superstars are really talented. The vases are based on my final piece for The Great Pottery Throw Down, celebrating what pottery is, and part of that is that it is accessible to everyone and I think everyone should have a chance to make something.”

With a worldwide fan base, Adam hopes the vases will be picked up by customers near and far, giving an extra thrill to the Superstar artists.

The small vases are priced £60, medium £75 and large £90. Adam expected them to be available in the next week or so, via