Uckfield Rugby Football Club’s unconventional pre-match entertainment

A pre-match conker tournament saw ten contestants battle it out ahead of the URFC vs Vigo match on Saturday (October 5).

Monday, 7th October 2019, 5:45 pm
Conker champion Mick Fahey celebrates his win, photo by Ron Hill

The grand prize, a golden conker, was up for grabs. URFC chairman Gordon Buckland presented the prize to winner Mick Fahey who beat last year’s champion, Mick Hall.

Contestants with their conkers, photo by Ron Hill
Two contestants battle it out at the pre-match conker game, photo by Ron Hill
URFC chairman, Gordon Buckland joins in, photo by Ron Hill
Conkers are picked before the battles begin, photo by Ron Hill
Damaged conkers after the tournament, photo by Ron Hill
Contestants pose for a group photo at the conker match, photo by Ron Hill
Champion for 2019, Mick Fahey, is presented with The Golden Conker by URFC chairman, Gordon Buckland, photo by Ron Hill
This year's champion, Mick Fahey with The Golden Conker, photo by Ron Hill