Warning over illegal raves goes out from Sussex Police

A warning over illegal raves has gone out from Sussex Police after reports of locks being cut from gates in the South Downs.

It follows an incident when thousands of revellers caused chaos after they descended on Steyning on June 27.

Scores of people ended up under arrest.

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Now police say they have received reports of locks being cut from gates in the Cissbury Ring area and they are urging people to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity - and to call 999 if they think a rave is setting up or has started.


A spokesman said: “Please do make early reports of any similar incidents anywhere in Sussex, not only is it criminal damage but can also be an early indicator of other planned illicit activities including raves and rural or wildlife crime.

“Keep an eye out for cut fences, pedestrians trespassing and clearly not equipped for a country walk, sometimes in large numbers, cars seemingly lost or left in yards or lanes and trying to access a remote location, large numbers of cars and vans parking in locations not usually used.

“Please consider taking precautionary measures and block vehicle access to vulnerable fields and land.

“Stopping access for large sound speakers and noise making equipment can dissuade rave organisers.

“Put a heavy difficult to move object in the gateway such as a telegraph pole or felled tree trunk.

“Please do report promptly to police if you become aware of unusual levels of potential rave activity, this provides the opportunity for early police enquiries and potentially stopping a problem before it develops.

“If you think a rave is setting up or has started report to the Police on 999 with as exact location as possible.

“Consider using What3Words to give the 3-word address so that the emergency services can reach you quickly.

“Use 101, or the Sussex Police website to report any non-emergency incidents or information about any potential future raves.

“Like with 999 please use as exact a location as possible and again a What 3 Words location is ideal.”