West Sussex mystery man is 'set for life' after massive £3 million National Lottery win

A mystery man from West Sussex is “set for life” after winning a massive £3,600,000 in the National Lottery’s Set for Life Draw earlier this year.
What would you do with the winnings? Picture: Pixabay.What would you do with the winnings? Picture: Pixabay.
What would you do with the winnings? Picture: Pixabay.

The man, known only as Mr N, will receive £10,000 a month for the next thirty years – the draw’s top prize – and said he hopes to spend the winnings on swish holidays, paying off his mortgage and carrying out works on his house.

Mr N played a series of sentimental numbers via the National Lottery app, matching the five main numbers and the Life Ball in the Set for Life Draw on November 20. Although he won bigger than most, Mr N was just one of eight million winners each week across the National Lottery’s range of games, including the Lotto, Euromillions and Thunderball.

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Set For Life is one of the site’s most popular games, and asks players to pick five main numbers between 1 and 47, as well as a ‘Life Ball’ between 1 and 10, for the chance to win a number of set prizes, from £5 for matching two main numbers, to a top prize like Mr N’s. Set for Life costs £1.50 per line, and draws take place every Monday and Thursday.

Andy Carter, Senior Winners’ Advisor at The National Lottery, said, “What fantastic news for Mr. N! He can now look forward to receiving £10,000 every month for a whopping 30 years, and can now enjoy using his winnings on his house and holiday!”

National Lottery players raise £30 million for good causes every week, which helps fund projects all over the UK, with more than 685,000 grants made across the UK.

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