Woody the kitten is on the mend after being mutilated and stabbed in horrific attack

Woody the kitten who was subjected to an horrific attack at the weekend has amazed his owner by managing to walk only a short time after recovering from four hours of life saving surgery.


Seventeen week old Woody had his tail hacked off and his stomach slashed open after he was attacked in Sedlescombe on Sunday evening.

Vets confirmed the attack was carried out by a human.

Two of his toes had to be amputated after his paw suffered an injury that looked like burning.


Vets feared he may not be able to walk again as the tail was severed so close to the spine and they had to remove vertebrae.

They also thought the stomach wound could leave him incontinent.

Distraught owner Stephanie Wood was overwhelmed by local people who rallied round to help pay for the cost of Woody’s surgery and ongoing treatment and re-named her kitten Woody The Warrior due to his fighting spirit.

Woody lived up to his name on Wednesday evening when he stunned Stephanie and vets by walking.

She said: “We went to see Woody yesterday evening and he nearly jumped out of his cage at me and he’s walking!

“He has shocked everyone with how well he is recovering as he only had vertebrae surgery just over 24 hours ago. His progress is remarkable to say the least.

“He has also done a wee on his own, which again is incredible! His pain medication has also been reduced.

“I could not be any more proud of Woody, or speechless at his progress as this was the last thing anyone expected. He still has a drain in.

“Thank you to everyone once again, I don’t think I’ll ever stop saying it. Your support has been truly one of a kind and I have never experienced such generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness by so many people! Myself, Woody and our family feel completely blessed.

Thank you all so much.

“It will still be 2/3 days maybe longer before Woody comes home, but what a change!”