Repair work at Collier Road. Pic by Steve PeakRepair work at Collier Road. Pic by Steve Peak
Repair work at Collier Road. Pic by Steve Peak

Work underway to repair potholes on bad Hastings road

Work was underway today to repair the road surface at Collier Road on the West Hill of Hastings.

The road, along with many others across Hastings and St Leonards had a number of deep ruts and potholes.

Jacqueline Patton, who represents the Facebook group Hastings and Rother Potholes, said: “Change is needed, an efficient way to report and a long-term plan of maintenance, proper repairs that last and do not cause a secondary hazard, quick repairs, new criteria and construction sites made to make roads safe as they go along. Take ownership and responsibility. No excuses. Resurface, repair and never let our roads get this bad again. We have had enough.”

East Sussex County Council’s Highways department has said that its teams have repaired 2,488 potholes the Hastings area alone since May 2023. A spokesperson said: “We prioritise repairs to ensure that the potholes presenting the greatest risk are repaired as quickly as possible.”