World-renowned West Sussex sculptor to honour emergency services with 8ft memorial

West Sussex sculptor Philip Jackson has unveiled his plans for an eight-foot-high homage to the emergency services.

A computer generated image showing what the finished piece will look like
A computer generated image showing what the finished piece will look like

The sculpture will feature figures from the fire service, police force, ambulance service, the NHS, RNLI and search and rescue.

Due to be completed in 2022, the bronze monument will honour the 7,000 front line emergency service workers who have lost their lives in the line of duty, and is set to join some of Philip's other works in central London.

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Phillip, who lives and works in Midhurst, said: "For the last 18 months I have been working metal which shows five figures which are going to be eight feet and cast in bronze on a five-sided stone base. This would be a cenotaph memorial which the emergency services could call their own. They don't have a cenotaph memorial.

A maquette showing what the finished sculpture will look like

"Over the years the emergency services have lost 7,000 people in the line of duty so this will remember those people and raise awareness."

The monument will be a place to hold memorials for the emergency services and for people to pay their respects, Philip said.

A late addition to the work was the figure of a nurse/ doctor, "With the onset of the pandemic and the stupendous work the NHS are doing to look after people, we decided that we should reinforce the NHS side so it was decided that there should be a nurse/ doctor," Philip added.

"I finished [the maquette] just before the pandemic started and we were at the time about to go out to fundraise money for it. But because of the pandemic that will all have to go on hold. We are now starting all again.

"We are thinking of opening the gardens for an exhibition which can be done safely with social distancing measures in place but we are talking about how we can do that."