George Clarke’s Old House, New Home: Worthing couple have ‘dream come true’

A couple from Worthing featured on George Clarke’s Old House, New Home on Channel 4 this week after needing help with their kitchen.

The programme, which began in 2016, is presented by architect George Clarke and the episode titled Worthing and Pershore aired on Wednesday (November 17).

Rachel Adler, 50, and Sarah Warrick, 40, got in contact with the show as they needed help with the kitchen in their terraced home.

Rachel, who works in retail, said: “Back in January 2020, we watched a whole load of episodes of Old House, New Home on catch up and this inspired Sarah to look on the website and there she found this application form which she filled in and sent off.

Worthing couple, Rachel and Sarah, with George Clarke from Old House, New Home, in their new completed kitchen. Photo: Channel 4

“We knew we wanted to do some work to the house as we bought it nearly two years ago. We had some ideas but its always nice to have some other ideas and other input from people.

“The building work altogether only took about four months. The film crew weren’t here all the time but they did pop back and forth quite a lot when something exciting was happening.

“They were all such lovely people and they were all so helpful. The whole experience was really enjoyable.”

Sarah, a project manager, also helped make some bits for their house.

George Clarke from Old House, New Home, in Rachel and Sarah's new completed kitchen. Photo: Channel 4

Rachel said: “Sarah made bits for the house as well which made it extra special and another thing which made it special was that we went through this together.

“The people who worked on our house helped do the finishing touches. I feel finishing things is quite hard to do sometimes but they worked their TV magic.

“They sent us away for a few days to Brighton and while we were gone, they put in lots of stuff which was amazing and lots of it we got to keep, so I have a million vases now, and they cleaned everything which was fabulous, but overall they made our house look really really great.”

In their episode of Old House, New Home, Rachel said about their new kitchen: “It’s functional and beautiful. I’ve never had that before. It’s amazing.

“It’s a dream come true.”

To watch the programme on demand, visit All 4.