Worthing named UK’s second-best place to buy pre-loved Christmas presents

Worthing has been named the the second-best thrifty gifting location in the country.

According to Bower Collective – which aims to make sustainable living simple and accessible for everyone – as much as £42million of Christmas gifts are unwanted and sent to landfill each year.

The group released a study looking at the number of vintage stores, second-hand shops and vingtage and second-hand events per capita across UK towns and cities to find the top places to find pre-loved presents.

Bower Collective found that Worthing was the second-best place to buy second-hand gifts, are Norwich.

Worthing has been named the second-best place for thrifty gift-shoppers

The study found that Worthing has 28 second-hand shops to explore, is the fifth most per capita in the UK and hosts the fourth most second-hand events, including vintage-kilo sales and table-top sales.

The study also examined the demand from each place for sustainable and second-hand shopping terms and found that Worthing has seen a 40 per cent increase in searches for sustainable and second-hand gifts between 2020 and 2021.

The study looked at Google search trends and found that people in the UK are searching for ‘sustainable gifts’ 98 per cent more than they were three years ago.

Overall, Bower Collective’s study found that Norwich, Worthing, Newcastle and Worcester and Glasgow were the best places to buy a thrifted Christmas presents. Brighton came eighth.