Worthing pensioner trapped in flat after his front door is boarded up

A Worthing grandfather was trapped in his home after his front door was boarded up.

On Friday, the emergency services broke into Bryan Sinclair’s flat in Cambourne Court, Shelley Road, Worthing, after he had a fall.

While he was asleep inside, a contractor sent out by Worthing Homes covered the door with a wooden board thinking he was at hospital.

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The 88-year-old, who has been living there since 1980, said he was ‘disgusted’ by what happened: “To board me in is a fire risk; if there was a fire in here, I wouldn’t be able to get out.” He added: “It has been a traumatic weekend.”

Bryan Sinclair from Shelley Road, Worthing. Inset: the boarded-up door

At around 10.45am on Friday, the grandfather of four fell over in his living room, smashing a table, and could not get up.

After pressing his personal alarm, Bryan – who lives alone after his wife of 63 years passed away – spent four-and-a-half hours lying on the floor until firefighters broke down his door and paramedics treated him. Thankfully, the retired Bunces employee did not need to go to hospital.

Exhausted by the ordeal, he went to bed at 4.45pm and did not wake up until around 11.45am the next day.

The first the pensioner knew of his predicament was when his carer Carole Simmonds was greeted by the barrier at around 6pm.

Bryan Sinclair from Shelley Road, Worthing, was trapped inside his flat after his front door was boarded up

The fire brigade was called out again, and firefighters ripped down the barricade and made adjustments to Bryan’s door so he could at least lock it from the inside.

Speaking on Monday, he said he had contacted Worthing Homes several times to get it fixed, as he had to go to hospital for dialysis.

He said: “I need everything repaired as quick as possible, because I can’t go out until the whole place is secure.”

A Worthing Homes spokesman said they were ‘organising a new door and frame’ and added: “Both ourselves and the contractor are deeply sorry that this happened and as a result will be reviewing the procedures we have in place to ensure that this can never happen again.”

Bryan Sinclair from Shelley Road, Worthing, was trapped inside his flat after his front door was boarded up