Ducklings class meets the reptiles. Picture supplied and not available to buy.

Worthing school pleased to welcome visitors, in reptile form

Reptiles were welcome visitors to Springfield Infant School and Nursery in Worthing as part of a curriculum focus on animals and their habitats. The children were excited to meet the team from Reptylers, touch and learn about an 11ft long, 3½-stone albino Burmese python, a panther chameleon, Chilean rose tarantula, monitor lizard and bearded dragon.

By Elaine Hammond
Friday, 7th May 2021, 12:20 pm

They heard many interesting stories from the animal handlers about the reptiles’ characteristics, habitat, nutrition, movement and senses. Headteacher Mrs Becky Wycherley said: “It was a wonderful opportunity to welcome visitors back into school, albeit reptiles. The children enjoyed learning about and getting up close with snakes, chameleons and lizards.”

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