WHO'S ARE YOU?: The Village Green in Piddinghoe, which serves as a car park for random vehicles outside our lovely church of St Johns, is sometimes regarded as a waste of space, especially for the residents of the few houses there. Many in the village would like to see something progressive done with it rather than just fill up with puddles of rainwater during the winter. The trouble is that nobody seems to know who owns the land. And even after the parish councillors (aka the hard-working Gang of Four) took legal advice, it is still unknown. The legal advisers' advice was that they didn't know either. And their subsequent further advice? Do nothing. Not satisfactory (even without knowing the cost of that advice). Some of us, those of a more cavalier attitude admittedly, wonder why not put, say, a waste-bin or a flower-display on the Village Green, thereby staking a claim of ownership. Then see if anybody turns up to rival that claim. Probably too simplistic.

Friday, 21st September 2018, 6:00 am

SLOW PROGRESS: Builder Phil Cox’s van and various large building and demolition vehicles have become a regular sight near what has long been labelled The Hole or, in real terms, the site next to the village hall where Mr and Mrs Spence (from Lewes?) hope one day to have a substantial house erected. Unfortunate people (it is reported they have bought another property at the south end of the village to make it more convenient for them to oversee the project) They must have been waiting now for at least two years. At the moment it is still just a huge space, like an empty communal swimming baths (behind a purple wooden fence). It seems ages since any work was done although from time to time it has been cordoned off by bollards and wire. Same can be said for the building project next to Royal (the former pub turned into a private dwelling) in The Street. One or two chaps occasionally rock up to climb up down the scaffolding but there appears to be an inordinate amount to do and progress seems excruciatingly slow. Sorry but both sites are blots on our landscape. Not even those living close to them have been furnished with any real information.

LOOK OUT: Thieves are about, we hear, after a Bay Tree disappeared from the porch of one of our large cottages towards the north end of the village and also the lending library (our converted red telephone box) was raided. Looks more like vandalism than theft, probably fuelled by the influence of drink or drugs on aimless morons strolling through on a Saturday night.

DON’S SERVICE: The funeral of Don Burdett, esteemed village elder, is taking place today (Friday) at St John’s Church at 11am followed by a wake at Piddinghoe Village Hall. Family flowers only but all welcome to attend. A certainty to be packed to the rafters.

FILM NIGHT: Goes ahead as pre-planned in the hall tonight, Friday, as a tribute to Don who would undoubtedly have attended to see The Darkest Hour had he still been with us. It was his kind of movie. Start time is 7.30pm with doors open at 7pm. £3 seats in all parts includes refreshments.

CHURCH SERVICES: Next one is on Sunday at 9.30am with Rev Tim Mills or Rev Mary Sitwell. Services are every second and every fourth Sunday in the month at St John’s.

PILATES: With Rebecca in the village hall from 8.15am tomorrow (Saturday). Three sessions an hour each.

INDOOR GAMES: Not sure whether this is still going on Wednesday nights from 7.30pm but you can come and collect the key from holders whose names are on the church porch noticeboard. It is a free night with all equipment for table tennis, darts and board games supplied.

ART AND KNITTING: To be confirmed by Jill this Thursday in the village hall unless she is away. Starts at 2pm and normally includes tea and biscuits.

YOGA: Tim Blair’s Thursday evening class starts at 6.30pm in the village hall. Well subscribed