90 ballot papers issued in error across 6 Arun District polling stations

90 ballot papers were issued in error to 62 voters across 6 polling stations in Arun district yesterday, but no one has lost their vote.

62 voters across 6 polling stations were issued ballots for elections in which they were not eligible to vote yesterday morning but a spokesperson from Arun District Council has said no voters have lost their vote.

The error took place as voters across the county were casting their ballots in this year’s West Sussex County Council and Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections.

Arun District Council were made aware of the anomaly early yesterday morning and took immediate action: “As soon as we had identified the polling stations where this had occurred, the first ballot boxes being used in those polling stations were sealed to avoid further confusion,” A spokesperson said, before making clear that the council was confident no other polling stations had been effected.

Polling stations open at 7am.

The 90 excess ballots have since been removed from the process and, despite being issued with extra papers, no voters have lost their vote.

“The Electoral Commission was contacted as soon as we became aware of the situation and worked with us to create a robust solution, and election agents were notified” the spokesperson said.

Alongside the PCC and County Council elections, yesterday also saw by-elections taking place in the Brookfield District ward and the Pevensey District ward of the Arun District Council, as well as in the Pevensey ward of the Bognor Regis Town Council.