BBC Question Time: Chichester women's humorous response to panellist's Brexit speech

Two students who appeared on Question Time last night have become rather popular on Twitter after being shown rolling eyes and sighing at one of the panellist's answers.

Credit: BBC Question Time
Credit: BBC Question Time

The current affairs and political panel show came to the city last night a featured a range of politicians and journalists.

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The politicians and journalists coming to Chichester for tonight's Question Time

Chichester women Eleanor and her friend Eliza caught the attention of the Twittersphere last night when the pair were shown appearing to disapprove of some of what political journalist Tom Harwood had to say.

The right-wing commentator stood up for Brexit Party MEP's decision to turn their backs as the EU anthem plays.

He finished his speech and said: "It's quite right to turn your back to this farce. It's a total and utter farce."

Spotting the women's reactions, BuzzFeed political reported Hanna Al-Othman tweeted: "Omg someone needs to gif the woman in the last three seconds. Incredible eye roll."

Twenty-three-year-old Eleanor Grant-Richardson is currently doing a masters degree in Sociology at the University of Bristol.

Credit: BBC Question Time

"We don't really agree with his brand of politics," Eleanor said.

"Eliza watched it last week and was that they were going to be filming in Chichester. We thought maybe it would be a bit slow but we both had a really fun evening."

Eleanor said she isn't 'super involved' in politics but had been keen on some of what the co-leader of the Green Party had to say.

People have been showing the women support on Twitter with some clips and pictures of their reactions fetching hundreds of likes and retweets.

"He have also had people calling us horrible things on Twitter but a lot of people have been really supportive. The place we work, at [Fishbourne Roman Palace] is really lovely and the people have been really nice."

Another Cicestrian who attend the event was politics fan Sue Long who had her question read out as a warm-up prior to the cameras rolling.

She said: "They kind of go off topic a little bit and try to get their party political points across. It was a great experience, I loved it.

"If I'm honest, I hadn't really heard of many of them but I thought they were really good and they made some excellent points. There were some people that I don't really agree with but they made some good points."

Sue described the show's host Fiona Bruce as 'the epitome of professionalism', "I was very impressed. She was very friendly to us when we came in."