Changes to Worthing street trading rules are agreed

Councillors have agreed that street trading can go ahead at Broadwater Street West and South Street but it remains prohibited at Liverpool Terrace and Gardens.

Street trading will still be prohibited in Liverpool Terrace and Gardens.
Street trading will still be prohibited in Liverpool Terrace and Gardens.

During a meeting of Worthing Borough Council’s licensing and control committee on Monday (September 27) councillors agreed to change street trading rules.

Officers said businesses were encouraged to trade outside during the pandemic to ‘reduce the risk of transmission’.

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They added that people had now ‘become accustomed’ to being outside and emergency legislation which relaxed street trading rules has been extended to September 2022.

In June, before Coronavirus restrictions were eased, the committee tasked officers with notifying the public of potential changes. At the time, they sought to allow street trading at Broadwater Street West (South of Ardsheal Road), South Street, and Liverpool Terrace and Gardens.

It is currently illegal to sell goods in these areas.

At the meeting, a public speaker objected to allowing street trading at Liverpool Terrace and Gardens.

Dawn Smith said: “I am speaking on behalf of the 16 properties that are directly opposite Liverpool Gardens.

“At the end of the road we have stalls that sell food as well as the McDonald’s – It’s a very small space.

“I love stalls and think it is a great way for small businesses to sell their wares but Liverpool Gardens is not a suitable place.

“It is a pleasant, shaded space with tree cover, and stalls would have to go on to the grass.

“It’s a very important place for people to sit and eat their food and relax.”

Some councillors said they had ‘changed their mind’ after hearing Ms Smith speak and they unanimously approved an amendment by Sean McDonald (Con, Northbrook) to exclude Liverpool Gardens and Terrace from street trading.

Mr McDonald said: “I’m a great believer in protecting our green spaces. There are alternatives to Liverpool Gardens and I do not think we should be using them.”

Hazel Thorpe (LDem, Tarring) said that the gardens had been gifted to the people of Worthing and should remain excluded from street trading.

At least nine letters of objection were received from the public who do not want to see street trading at Liverpool Gardens.

Councillors voted to change Broadwater Street West (South of Ardsheal Road) and South Street from ‘prohibited areas’ to ‘consent areas’ to allow street trading.

Officers said this would allow more trading to go ahead during bonfire night on November 5.

They explained: “Street trading rules at South Street Square have long prohibited on November 5th when businesses could place rides there, but not sell food.”

It is an offence to trade in any of the below streets and anyone found doing so could be fined £1,000: Ann Street, Anscombe Road, Ardsheal Road, Bedford Row, Bernard Road, Boulevard (North of Nelson Road), Broadwater Street West, Brighton Road, Buckingham Road, Chapel Road, Chatsworth Road, Columbia Drive, Crescent Road, Cross Street, Dominion Road, Findon Road, George V Avenue, Goring Way, Graham Road, Ham Road, High Street, Liverpool Road, Liverpool Terrace, Marine Parade, Marine Place. Mulberry Lane, New Street, Offington Lane, Oxford Road, Prospect Place, Railway Approach, Rectory Road, Sompting Road, South Farm Road (north of Ardsheal), South Street, South Street Tarring, Steyne, Teville Gate, Teville Place, Teville Road, Union Place, Victoria Road, Wallace Avenue, Warwick Street, West Buildings and West Parade.

It is an offence – punishable with a fine of up to £1,000 – for a person to trade without a permit in the following places:

● Montague Street & Montague Place

● South Street Square

● Bath Place

● Portland Road

● Marine Crescent & Marine Drive