Chichester district’s election results from West Sussex County Council in full

Lib Dems Kate O'Kelly, Julian Joy and Sarah QuailLib Dems Kate O'Kelly, Julian Joy and Sarah Quail
Lib Dems Kate O'Kelly, Julian Joy and Sarah Quail
The Lib Dems, Greens and Selsey’s Local Alliance all picked up a seat across the Chichester district at this week’s West Sussex County Council elections.

The Conservatives have already secured a majority at County Hall and across they still have six of the district’s nine seats.

The most dramatic result came in Chichester West, former leader Louise Goldsmith’s former seat, where Lib Dem Julian Joy came on top by just three votes ahead of Conservative Bob Hayes.

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Meanwhile district councillor Sarah Sharp romped home in Chichester South, giving the Greens their first West Sussex county councillor.

Selsey was a two-candidate fight with the Local Alliance’s Donna Johnson elected on 60 per cent of the vote.

Kate O’Kelly retained Midhurst for the Lib Dems.

The Conservatives’ only new county councillor is Tom Richardson, who held the seat after the Tory incumbent stepped down.

Other Tories who retained their seats are: Simon Oakley (Chichester East), Jeremy Hunt (Chichester North), Mike Magill (Bourne), Janet Duncton (Petworth) and Pieter Montyn (The Witterings).

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Sarah Sharp is the Greens' first West Sussex county councillorSarah Sharp is the Greens' first West Sussex county councillor
Sarah Sharp is the Greens' first West Sussex county councillor

Dr O’Kelly said she was delighted with the results, adding: “It was a really strong result in Midhurst – we fought the campaign on a theme of making climate change a priority but also calling for the council to listen more to the community, to care more for the vulnerable, and to be competent.”

She welcomed more opposition members on the council from the Chichester area ‘who can scrutinise and champion the needs of Chichester residents’.

She added: “Coming out of Covid we need a green recovery and we must find more funds to support the mental health of our young people.”

Meanwhile Mr Joy said he was looking forward to championing green issues particularly to do with planning and design.

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Sarah Quail retained the Lib Dem seat on the city council – she said that she was delighted with the result and promised to be a strong advocate for Chichester residents.

Adrian Moss, leader of the Lib Dems on the district council, called them ‘fantastic’ results for his party.

He added: “It shows that the Conservatives can no longer take votes for granted in the Chichester district, the Lib Dems are making a real difference as a powerful opposition group on Chichester District Council and we are delighted that now there will be a more balanced county council as well.”

Reacting to the result Ms Sharp said: “I would like to thank everyone who voted for me, my campaign team who supported me in so many ways and all the staff at CDC in the election department. The cooperation between the parties in Chichester South shows how important it is that we work together to solve the problems we are facing.

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“Today is a historic day for the Green Party. We want a brighter, kinder and greener future - we don’t want to go back to the old ways of doing things. I will personally continue to stand up for my residents and challenge the way we do things in Chichester as I don’t want us to get stuck behind the times. I see other places moving on and don’t want us to go backwards.

“The Green Party isn’t just a set of policies. We have a different set of values. We need to prioritize people and the planet. We need to fight for a green future with safe jobs in recycling, repair, renewables and retrofitting.

“Above all I want to champion the wellbeing economy and make sure we treat the disabled and marginalised with compassion. The poorest in society mustn’t be made to pick up the tab from Covid.

“I feel honoured to have won this seat and thank everyone who shared their concerns and worries with me on the doorstep.”


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Bourne: Mike Magill, Conservative, 1869 - ELECTED, Andrew Kerry-Bedel, Liberal Democrats - 1064, Ann Stewart, Green Party - 400, Jane Towers, Labour - 336.

Chichester East: Simon Oakley Conservative - 1292 - ELECTED, David Betts, Liberal Democrats - 657, Steve Gough, Labour - 641.

Chichester North: Jeremy Hunt Conservative 2035 - ELECTED, Charlie Hastain, Liberal Democrats - 90, George Hibberd, Green Party - 497, Sarah Lishman, Labour -497.

Chichester West: Julian Joy, Liberal Democrats - 1417 - ELECTED, Bob Hayes, Conservative - 1414, Gregory Fielder Independent - 727, James Hobson, Labour - 420, Andrew Emerson, Patria - 32.

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Chichester South: Sarah Sharp Green Party - 2183 - ELECTED, Simon Lloyd-Williams, Conservative - 1189, Juliet Johnson, Independent - 204, Adam Brown - Independent - 179, Mark Crossman, Reform UK - 55.

Midhurst: Kate O’Kelly, Liberal Democrats - 2123 - ELECTED, Oliver Vickery, Conservative - 1436, Don Fraser, Labour - 159.

Petworth: Janet Duncton, Conservative - 2335 - ELECTED, Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg, Liberal Democrats - 514, Philip Maber, Green Party - 335, Jonathan Rodell, Labour - 310.

Rother Valley: Tom Richardson, Conservative, 2105 - ELECTED, Tim Young, Green Party - 651, Jill Hilliard, Liberal Democrats - 408, Juliette Reynolds, Labour - 250.

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Selsey: Donna Johnson, Local Alliance - 1733 - ELECTED, David Shakespeare, Conservative - 1150.

The Witterings: Pieter Montyn, Conservative - 2187 - ELECTED, Lucinda House, Green Party - 505, Sue Milnes, Liberal Democrats - 315, Susan Walsh, Labour - 309, Pat Hunt, The For Britain Movement - 48.