Chichester planning applications submitted to the district council and the South Downs National Park Authority

The following planning applications have been made to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority between May 19 and 26.

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Chichester District Council or South Downs National Park Authority websites.


AP/21/01590/PA3O: Halls Orchard, Barn Oak Lane, Chichester. Change of Use from Offices (Class B1(a)) to 1 no. Dwellinghouse (Class C3).



BI/21/01301/DOM: 10 Burlow Close. Proposed detached garden room in rear garden for ancillary home office/occasional domestic accommodation use.

BI/21/01563/DOM: Loretto, Crooked Lane. Alterations and extensions to existing dwelling.


BO/21/01589/PA14J: Fletchers Farm, Old Park Lane. Installation of 414 no. 0.995m x 1.65m PV Solar panels on existing agricultural building.


BX/21/01346/DOM: Crockfords, A285 Redvins Road To Tinwood Lane, Halnaker. Revision to permitted BX/18/01211/DOM. Add a rear staircase and rooflights to existing garage instead of dormer.

SDNP/21/02398/PA14J: Mossat House, Mill Lane. Installation of PV solar panels on private dwelling.


CC/21/00841/FUL: Telecommunications Site 1498802, Whitehouse Farm, Old Broyle Farm. Removal of existing telecommunications mast and installation of new 20 metre mast including transfer of existing apparatus to new mast and installation of 3 no. additional antennas and associated apparatus and ancillary works.

CC/21/00876/FUL: Langley House, 27 West Street. Proposed demolition of existing waiting room conservatory and steps. Construction of new extension to include waiting area, 4 no. consulting rooms, and disabled WC.

CC/21/01029/DOM: 12 Cawley Road. Removal of balcony and replacement of double doors with window.

CC/21/01182/TPA: Havenstoke Park, Connolly Way. Fell 3 no. Horse Chestnut trees (quoted as T4, T5 & T0965). Crown lift by up to 2.5m (above ground level) on 15 no. Lime trees (quoted as T0078 to T0093). All 18 no. trees are within Group, G1 subject to CC/08/00021/TPO.

CC/21/01309/FUL: Pizza Hut Restaurant, Portfield Way. Full planning permission for the installation of a drive-thru lane and associated engineering works, including alterations to car parking, bin store and servicing arrangements and associated changes to landscaping. Minor alterations to the building and elevations including recladding. Advertisement consent for replacement signage.

CC/21/01310/ADV: Pizza Hut Restaurant, Portfield Way. Display of 6 no. internally illuminated fascia signs, 1 no. internally illuminated “totem” sign, 3 no. internally illuminated “information” signs, 1 no. non-illuminated “information” sign and 1 internally illuminated height restrictor sign.

CC/21/01373/DOM: 19 Canal Place. Demolition of rear extension and construction of proposed rear extension with internal alterations and re-roofing of conservatory.

CC/21/01391/FUL: St James Industrial Estate, Westhampnett Road. Redevelopment of the existing industrial estate, including demolition of the existing buildings. The scheme provides approximately 4448m2 (47877ft) of lettable industrial space all under B1(b), B1(c) and B8 use classes with 5 no. replacement buildings. - Variation of Condition 1 of planning permission CC/20/01914/FUL.

CC/21/01492/DOM: 7 Priory Road. Single storey rear extension and internal refurbishment.

CC/21/01493/LBC: 7 Priory Road. Single storey rear extension and internal refurbishment.

CC/21/01548/TCA: 35A Basin Road. Notification of intention to crown reduce (to the previous pruning cuts) to leave a finished height of 12m. on 1 no. Horse Chestnut tree (T1) and Sycamore tree (T2). Reason: to minimise risk after recent limb loss.

CC/21/01558/TPA: 61 Bishopsgate Walk. Crown reduce by 2m (back to previous pruning points) on 1 no. Sycamore tree (T11) subject to CC/87/00257/TPO.

Chidham & Hambrook

CH/21/01469/DOM: Woodlands, Broad Road, Nutbourne. Erection of additional storey, double storey extension to east and internal alterations.


SDNP/21/02560/TCA: Highbury House, B2146 West Marden Hill to Compton Square. Notification of intention to reduce lateral crown on 1no. Prunus cerasifera (T6) by 1m.

SDNP/21/02561/TCA: Old Manor House, West Marden Hill. Notification of intention to crown reduce width by up to 1.5m, on lower/mid north east sector, on 1 no. Lawson Cypress tree (T7).


D/21/00997/FUL: Donnington Manor Farm, Selsey Road. Construction of 1 no. Manager’s house with landscaping and associated works.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/21/01376/OUT: Land West Of Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham. Outline Application (with all matter reserved accept Access) for the development of up to 65 no. dwellings and associated access, open space, ponds, footpath and cycleway.

Elsted and Treyford

SDNP/21/02668/FUL: Burnt Barn, Sheepwash. Proposed replacement of existing field shelter on agricultural land.


FB/21/01449/DOM: 35 Caspian Close. Garage conversion with infill wall and window to existing opening.


SDNP/21/02583/HOUS: Watery Lodge, Watery Lane. Proposed pitched roof with 2 no. dormers to south-east elevation, extension to north-east elevation, rendering of external walls, alterations and additions to fenestration with replacement porch.


SDNP/21/02659/HOUS: Copse Farm, Woodcote Lane. Erection of replacement cart barn.


SDNP/21/02552/APNB: Down Park Farm House, Durford Lane, West Harting. Agricultural building.


SDNP/21/02442/HOUS: Flint House, Heyshott Street. Replacement of the existing conservatory with a single story extension to the south elevation and a single story porch to the east elevation.


KD/21/01439/DOM: The Lodge, Whithurst, Plaistow Road. Proposed side and rear extensions to existing 2 storey single family dwelling with detached garage.


SDNP/21/01721/HOUS: Harpers Cottage, Lower Road, East Lavant. Erection of a 1 no. detached single story timber outbuilding.


LX/21/01284/PA1A: The Gatehouse, Plaistow Road. Single storey extension to the rear (a) rear extension - 7m (b) maximum height - 3m (c) height of eaves - 2.6m.


SDNP/21/02298/HOUS: Hazards, High Hamstead Lane. Erection of two storey and single storey extensions.

North Mundham

NM/21/01228/DOM: Myrtle House, Runcton Lane. Single storey rear extension to replace existing conservatory, porch extension, glazed canopy, revised juliet balcony to rear elevation, revised rear fenestration, new detached car port with log store and revised driveway.

NM/21/01601/PA3Q: Southgate Farm, Fisher Lane. Class Q(b) Application for Prior Approval - Change of Use of Agricultural Building from Agriculture to 1 no Dwelling (C3 Use Class).


O/21/00992/FUL: Littlemead Business Centre, Tangmere Road, Tangmere. Erection of 10 no. new lettable E(a), E(g)(ii), (iii) and B8 units of differing sizes, including mezzanines and ancillary access slabs, onsite unallocated parking, cycle and communal bin area, planting.

Plaistow And Ifold

PS/21/01471/TCA: Todhurst Manor, The Street, Plaistow. Notification of intention to fell 3 no. Ash trees (quoted as G1) and 1 no. Scotts Pine tree (quoted as T1). Reduce leading stem by 4m on 1 no. Cherry tree (quoted as T2). Crown reduce by 1m (all round) and remove lowest limb (south east sector) on 1 no. Indian Bean tree (quoted as T3).


SY/21/01321/FUL: Unit 2, Wave Approach. Change of use from restaurant to restaurant and take away, with external ventilation works.

SY/21/01397/DOM: Laughing Water, 115 East Beach Road. Proposed front balcony to first floor.

SY/21/01451/DOM: 132 Kingsway. Proposal of rear single storey extension and refurbishment of ground floor.

SY/21/01489/DOM: 26 Lifeboat Way. Proposed first floor balcony to front of property and associated works.


SI/21/01562/FUL: Brent Lodge, Cow Lane. Single storey admissions building to serve wildlife hospital with veterinary facility with associated vehicle parking and turning area.


SB/21/01246/DOM: Piopi, 4 Penny Lane. External alterations and first floor, rear extension.

West Itchenor

WI/21/01288/TCA: Land South West Of Sea Urchin, Spinney Lane, Itchenor. Notification of intention to reduce height by up to 4m on 2 no. Poplar trees (quoted as T1 and T2) and fell 1 no. Poplar tree (T3).

West Wittering

WW/21/01207/DOM: Cherrymead, Elms Lane. Single storey rear extension.

WW/21/01254/DOM: Street Field, Roman Landing. Proposed outdoor swimming pool.

WW/21/01453/PLD: 4 Tower Place. Proposed lawful development - rear conservatory, side extension and porch infill.

WW/21/01567/PA1A: 10 Cunliffe Close. Single storey extension to the rear (a) rear extension - 3.80m (b) maximum height - 2.85m (c) height of eaves - 2.85m.


WH/21/01351/FUL: Rolls Royce Motor Cars, The Drive. 3 no. single storey extensions on building 40 (Surface Finish Centre).

WH/21/01552/TPA: Dovecote View, Claypit Lane. Reduce 3 no. over extended limbs on eastern sector by 4m (back to suitable growth points), halo prune around cable to give 1.5m clearance and reduce north sector by 1m (building side) on 1 no. Oak tree (quoted as T1) within Area, A1 subject to WH/73/01077/TPO.