Conservatives take Arun seats from Lib Dems in West Sussex County Council election

The Conservatives gained two seats from the Lib Dems at this week’s West Sussex County Council election.
A West Sussex County Council election was held on ThursdayA West Sussex County Council election was held on Thursday
A West Sussex County Council election was held on Thursday

Back in 2017 the Lib Dems took Rustington from the Tories, but this time the seat swung hugely the other way and Conservative Alison Cooper was elected.

Four years ago Ian Buckland was elected for the Lib Dems in Littlehampton Town, but this year he stood as an Independent. However this time around it was Conservative David Britton who was elected.

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The longest serving county councillor James Walsh was re-elected in Littlehampton East, while fellow Lib Dem returned in Bognor Regis East.

New Rustington county councillor Alison CooperNew Rustington county councillor Alison Cooper
New Rustington county councillor Alison Cooper

Elsewhere the Conservatives retained all their Arun seats.

With several incumbents stepping down, new Tory count councillors include Trevor Bence (Fontwell), Keir Greenway (Bersted) and John Charles (Felpham).

Mrs Cooper said: “I was delighted that the hard work paid off, and can’t wait to start representing Rustington at West Sussex County Council.

“It is an honour to be elected, thank you to everyone who voted for me and all the support I received in my campaign. A good turnout and a strong majority is a great mandate.”

New Fontwell county councillor Trevor BenceNew Fontwell county councillor Trevor Bence
New Fontwell county councillor Trevor Bence
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Mr Bence added: “I am delighted to be endorsed as the county councillor for the Fontwell Division at WSCC . I wish to assure everybody that the green agenda will be my top priority and I welcome the opportunity to drive this agenda forward.”


Angmering and Findon: Deborah Urquhart, Conservative - 1596 Elected, Louisa Fowles, Liberal Democrats, Alison Baker, Labour - 310, Chris Medland, Green Party - 207.

Arundel and Courtwick: Gary Markwell, Conservative - 1361 Elected, Nick Rusbridge,Liberal Democrats - 517, Michael Ward, Labour - 348, Richard Smith, Green Party - 346.

Bersted: Keir Greenway, Conservative - 1040 Elected, Paul Wells, Independent - 676, Gill Yeates, Liberal Democrats - 633, Nigel Smith, Labour - 409.

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Bognor Regis East: Francis Oppler, Liberal Democrats - 689 Elected, Steve Reynolds, Conservative - 612, Steve Goodheart, Independent - 329, Roger Nash, Labour - 285, Chloe Wilkinson, Green Party - 136, Phil Woodall, Independent - 123.

Bognor Regis West and Aldwick: Ashvin Patel, Conservative - 1825 Elected, Matt Stanley, Liberal Democrats - 1115, Heather Robbins, Labour - 479.

East Preston and Ferring: Roger Elkins, Conservative - 2830 Elected, Steve McConnell, Labour - 437, John Richards, Liberal Democrats - 425, Elizabeth Hammond, Green Party - 380, Karen Pearson, The For Britain Movement - 139.

Felpham: John Charles, Conservative - 1642 Elected, Richard Parker, Independent - 629, Samantha-Jayne Staniforth, Liberal Democrats - 323, Rebecca Rowland, Green Party - 283, Lynne Armstrong, Labour - 256.

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Fontwell: Trevor Bence, Conservative - 1618 Elected, Paul Ayling, Green Party - 1157, Jane Mote, Labour - 353, Jeannie Dunning, The For Britain Movement - 80, Sarah Welch, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition - 37.

Littlehampton East: James Walsh, Liberal Democrats - 1575 Elected, Mike Clayden, Conservative - 1283, Freddie Tandy, Labour - 318, Joseph Downie, Green Party - 203.

Littlehampton Town: David Britton, Conservative - 971 Elected, Alan Butcher, Labour - 677, William Tilbrook, Liberal Democrats - 452, Ian Buckland, Independent - 307, Lilias Cheyne, Green Party - 200.

Middleton: Jacky Pendleton, Conservative - 1799 Elected, Amanda Worne, Liberal Democrats - 1024, Helen Pengelly, Green Party - 205, Berni Millam, Labour - 177, Tricia Wales, The For Britain Movement - 44.

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Nyetimber: Dawn Hall, Conservative - 1489 Elected, David Huntley, Independent - 1337, Carol Birch, Green Party - 309, David Meagher, Labour - 211.

Rustington: Alison Cooper, Conservative - 2629 Elected, Jamie Bennett, Liberal Democrats - 790, Nigel Stapley, Labour - 404, Faye Mackenzie, Green Party - 248.