Conservatives win Littlehampton and Bognor Regis by-elections for Arun

The Conservatives have won two Arun District Council by-elections.

New district councillor David Chace
New district councillor David Chace

The vacancies were in Brookfield, Littlehampton due to the death of Chris Blanchard-Cooper and the resignation of Inna Erskine in Pevensey Bognor Regis.

Joan English was elected in Pevensey and David Chace in Brookfield.

Mr Chace said: “The voters have spoken and I’m very grateful for the vote of confidence in me. In the course of the election I knocked on many doors and spoke to hundreds of people - residents wanted better services at a lower cost. They wanted a local councillor who responded to their needs and wishes, I fully intend to honour their vote by being that person.”

Littlehampton Civic centre. Pic Steve Robards SR2103252 SUS-210326-165356001

The Lib Dems have controlled Arun’s administration ever since the May 2019 elections although no single party has a majority.

But the Tories are now clearly the largest party.

According to Arun’s website, Samantha-Jayne Staniforth is no longer a Lib Dem and is listed as a Conservative.

This leaves the Tories with 24 seats compared to the Lib Dems 16.

Additionally there are seven councillors listed as Independents, three belonging to the Arun Independent Group, two Greens, one Labour and one Independent Independent.

Meanwhile Stephen Reynolds won the Pevensey by-election for Bognor Regis Town Council.

There were also several Littlehampton Town Council by-elections.

Labour’s Alan Butcher won Wickbourne, Lib Dem Roberta Woodman was returned in Beach and Lib Dem William Tilbrook elected in River.


Arun - Brookfield: David Chace, Conservative - 680 Elected, Jonathan Maxted, Workers Party of Britain - 45, Freddie Tandy, Labour - 152, Roberta Woodman, Liberal Democrat - 526.

Arun - Pevensey: John Barrett, Liberal Democrat - 210, Carol Birch, Green - 93, Jan Cosgrove, Independent - 132, Joan English, Conservative - 357 Elected, Simon McDougall, Labour - 140.

Bognor Regis Town Council - Pevensey: Jan Cosgrove, Independent For Bognor - 131, Simon McDougall, Labour - 149, Francis Oppler, Liberal Democrat - 191, Stephen Reynolds, Conservative - 324 Elected, Chloe Wilkinson, Green Party - 95.

Littlehampton Town Council - Beach: Stella Porter, Conservative - 612, Christine Wiltshire, Labour - 170, Roberta Woodman, Liberal Democrat - 732 Elected.

Littlehampton Town Council - River: Lilias Cheyne, Green Party - 221, Harvey Finch, Independent - 352, Bernadette Millam, Labour - 351, William Tilbrook, Liberal Democrat - 470 Elected.

Littlehampton Town Council - Wickbourne: Alan Butcher, Labour and Co-Operative - 345 Elected, Keith Croft, No party listed - 262.