Concerns over Hanover communal bins sparks call for public consultation

Washington Street in HanoverWashington Street in Hanover
Washington Street in Hanover
Councillors are asked to back a public consultation on whether a street should keep its communal bins.

Washington Street in Hanover has had a communal bin since it was part of a year-long trial project along with Coleman Street and Park Crescent Road in 2012.

In March 2013, members of Brighton and Hove City Council’s Environment and Sustainability Committee decided not to roll out communal bins in Hanover, but the Washington Street bin has been in place ever since.

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A report going before the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on Tuesday, November 16, says Hanover and Elm Grove ward councillors have met with residents to discuss their concerns as there are problems with the bins. It states neighbours are organising a petition about the bins.

The report said: “Since this time (2013), Cityclean has added additional 1,100 litre refuse bins and increased collections to six times a week, as residents across Hanover use these

bins, even though they are only for the residents of Washington Street.

“They are regularly fly-tipped and overflowing. This causes distress and frustration for residents whose homes are near the bins, as well as the wider community.”

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Councillors are asked to back a public consultation with Washington Street residents only to see if they want wheelie bins.

The Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee meets at Hove Town Hall from 4pm on Tuesday, November 16.

The meeting is scheduled for webcast on the council website.

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