Horsham pensioners could be missing out on financial support because they are worried about scammers

Horsham pensioners could be missing out on financial support from the district council because they are worried about scammers.
Image: Pixabay free imagesImage: Pixabay free images
Image: Pixabay free images

During a meeting of the full council, leader Martin Boffey reported that the council had identified 98 households that were not claiming the pension credits to which they were entitled.

He said: “So far 11 have claimed the additional payments, which equates to £37,000.

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“We will continue to encourage the other properties to claim this funding.

“A key challenge was always going to be around people understanding that this is genuine support from Horsham District Council and not scamming attempts.”

Another group to benefit from the council’s recent efforts are those who did not realise they were entitled to a Severe Disability Premium.

Thanks to the Low Income Family Tracker system – also known as LIFT – which targets support for the most vulnerable organisations and households across the district, £86,000 of premiums have now been paid out.

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The council recently took on a cost of living officer to co-ordinate its work providing support services for vulnerable and low-income families during the cost-of-living crisis.

The work doesn’t just cover help available through the council.

Mr Boffey said 5,000 households had been written to to let them know they were eligible to apply for Southern Water’s WaterSure scheme, which is the company’s social tariff for water services.

Another 700 families have been told they may qualify for free school meals.

Mr Boffey said: “If they are eligible, this will allow schools to access additional funding for this increased need.”