How Lewes has found a way to increase biodiversity by letting their wildflowers grow

Lewes Town Council would like to acknowledge the important work that is being done by Wildflower Lewes, and to encourage others to cooperate in the creation of wildflower ‘stepping stones’ throughout the town.

Saturday, 9th November 2019, 12:39 pm
Wild flowers

Lewes Town Council also acknowledges that Wildflower Lewes, Lewes DC, Burleys and East Sussex Highways are already working together and have achieved some great things over the past couple of years.

The verges that ESCC has already agreed to cut just once per year, and which Wildflower Lewes has been monitoring for the past two years, have shown an increase in biodiversity.

There is therefore evidence that not cutting in June/July allows flowers to bloom that may otherwise have been cut down, as well as giving more time for others, such as the Pyramid Orchids, to seed.

At a meeting on October 3, Lewes town councillors voted to support Wildflower Lewes in its efforts to introduce and promote a Pollinator Pathway through Lewes. This involves establishing wildflower stepping stones throughout the town by cutting identified verges once only in the autumn.

These will add to verges already set aside for wildflowers, and to existing wildflower patches on land owned by the district council.

Councillor John Lamb

Mayor of Lewes