£800,000 could be spent on Chichester play areas

Chichester District Council. Image: GoogleMapsChichester District Council. Image: GoogleMaps
Chichester District Council. Image: GoogleMaps
Plans to spend more than £800,000 refurbishing play areas owned by Chichester District Council are to be discussed by the cabinet.

At a meeting on Monday (July 15), members are expected to approve the launch of a consultation into the plans for the six play areas in Sherborne Road, Whyke Oval, the Amphitheatre, Priory Park, Florence Park and Oaklands Park.

As well as approving the consultation – which is expected to run this month and into August – the cabinet will recommend to full council that a total of £814,000 be spent on the project.

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If all goes as planned, £374,000 will be taken from the general reserve, with a further £440,000 coming from the asset replacement programme.

The work to refurbish, replace or improve the play areas should take a year to complete.

The idea was first raised in January and, since then, the City Council has expressed an interest in contributing money to the project.

While those discussions continue, some of the play equipment is reaching the point when it needs to be replaced.

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A report to the cabinet said: “Some of our play areas are heavily worn and require complete replacement, some offer good equipment that would benefit from modest refurbishment and others can be enhanced with the introduction of inclusive play equipment ie items that can be used by disabled children or those with health conditions and impairments.

“Public consultation will guide the decision-making process and approach taken.”