Telscombe taxpayers pay up for the whims of politicians

If readers have had enough of politics thanks to the circus being played out in Westminster, they may want to stop reading this letter now.

Why? Do you recall in 2018 when Cllr Wayne Botting and Cllr David Neave resigned from Telscombe Town Council?

Maybe not, but they did and as a result the council had to hold two by-elections.

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So what I hear you say. Well, by-elections cost public money.

Over £9,000 is what the people of Telscombe will have to cough up thanks to district councillors Botting and Neave. But here’s the absolute clincher, both Botting and Neave are now standing again for election to the district council, guess where, in Telscombe!

They create two by-elections costing £9,000 and then decide that whatever made them resign previously actually wasn’t so bad, so will have another go at our expense. Politics and politicians have never been so maligned and it’s no surprise why. I won’t give up on the power of the ballot box yet, but some days I do wonder what it’s all about.

Steve Powell

Malines Avenue