Development proposed for town's river corridor

New housing development for the River Arun corridor is listed as a future option in a draft vision for Horsham.
River Arun in Horsham, looking eastwards from the Prewetts Mill site.River Arun in Horsham, looking eastwards from the Prewetts Mill site.
River Arun in Horsham, looking eastwards from the Prewetts Mill site.

The document argues that the stretch of the river, between the Curry’s/PC World store and St Mary’s Church, could be better integrated into the town centre, creating more usable and informal green and blue spaces to ‘counterbalance the more formal leisure offer of Horsham Park’.

The Town Centre Vision Statement, which has been published by Horsham District Council for public consultation, outlines the potential in the long-term to create new ‘residential-led developments along this corridor that make the most of the riverside setting’.

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It acknowledges this would require the relocation of some office uses to other parts of Horsham to ‘maximise the use of the river as a town asset’.

The vision adds: “Development of these offices should ideally take the form of comprehensive redevelopment, to make the most of the river, rather than simple conversion.

“Development could also contribute to enhancing the river, both through direct works and financial contributions.

“Improvements to the river could include clearing of excess vegetation, path and cycleway improvements, and the addition of features including bridges.

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“Moving further east, into the park around the river, no development of the park itself is proposed, but there may be improvements as above. In particular, lighting improvements to cycle paths would be beneficial. Reinforcing this cycle route would help to establish this as a key route into the centre of town for cyclists, a viable alternative to the main roads.

“This route could also be linked through the centre of town, along existing routes by Sainsbury’s to the Causeway, and up to Carfax, and on to Horsham Park via Medwin Walk (for more on Medwin Walk see below).

“This would require cycle path improvements through the centre of town, along Carfax.

“The designation of a dedicated cycle route, including separate paving and signage, would assist in this.”

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A separate HDC project is looking to restore and upgrade the Garden of Remembrance and Mill Bay, which includes replacing the existing stone paths, dredging of the stream, and refreshed shrub planting.

To comment visit HDC’s website.

The consultation closes on Monday October 16.

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