Duchess of Norfolk unveils new Ferring Village Clock, marking the Coronation of King Charles III

​​The Duchess of Norfolk has praised Ferring Parish Council for its new Village Clock, installed at Ferring Village Hall to mark the Coronation of King Charles III.

Georgina Fitzalan-Howard, Duchess of Norfolk, said she was effectively standing in for the King in unveiling a commemorative plaque to launch the clock this morning.

She explained: "I am standing in for Lady Emma Barnard, the Lord-Lieutenant, and she would have been here to represent the King, so in effect I am here today to represent the King to say to all of you at Ferring thank you for your loyalty and your patriotism, and congratulations."

The clock has been fitted on the roof apex of the village hall, as the most convenient position to be seen.

The associated plaque has been placed in a position below the clock, lower down on the wall, where people can read it.

It states: "Ferring Village Clock To commemorate the Coronation of King Charles III on 6th May 2023”

The parish council had agreed to install the Ferring Village Clock as a memorial to mark the occasion, rather than arrange an event for the coronation.

Clare Royal, chairman, thanked parish councillors and villagers for attending the unveiling, despite it being a wet morning.

"We are gathered here to officially unveil the associated plaque that has been installed by the parish council to mark the Coronation of King Charles III. The parish council are pleased to welcome Her Grace, the Duchess of Norfolk, to complete the unveiling."

Clare and the Duchess agreed the plaque and the clock were 'lovely'.