Fresh Hastings development plans for site with long planning history

A developer has submitted fresh plans to build housing at a site in Hastings with a long planning history.

In an application to Hastings Borough Council, a developer has put forward plans to build two houses on land off of Little Ridge Avenue, extending an existing area of housing in Honeysuckle Close.

The proposals come after a previous application to build four houses on the same site was refused by council planners in 2019, due to concerns around overdevelopment, drainage and ecology.

That application had itself followed on from a number of previous applications to develop the site, stretching back to 2005. Only one of those previous proposals — to build a single-dwelling on the site — were granted planning permission.

Proposed layout of the development

In documents submitted as part of the application, a spokesman for the developer argues the proposals overcome the reasons for refusing the 2019 scheme.

The spokesman said: “The site lies in a central sustainable location on a redundant and vacant part of the estate and will deliver two high quality dwellings on the site which will preserve and enhance the character of adjoining properties and the wider area.

“The new dwellings will have no discernible impact on the local landscape and will have a range of social, economic and environmental benefits.

“This statement sets out the reasons why we consider this proposal would not result in any loss of green/open space but would, in fact, enhance the contribution of the site to the open character, landscape and ecological quality of the local area.

“The design and layout of the scheme has taken account of the previous concerns of the council and the applicant is hopeful that the council [will] engage positively on the scheme in this case.”

The application also addresses the council’s previous concerns around drainage, arguing that measures such as permeable paving could be used to mitigate any issues.

The houses, each two-storeys-tall with four bedrooms, would have their own gardens and off-street parking spaces.

At time of publication, two objections have been raised by local residents to the revised proposals. The previous scheme received a total of 15 objections, mostly raising concerns about the suitability of the site for development.

For further information on the proposals see application reference HS/FA/22/00594 on the Hastings Borough Council website.