Hastings and Rye candidates outline why they should get your vote

The Hastings and Rye election candidatesThe Hastings and Rye election candidates
The Hastings and Rye election candidates
The four candidates standing in Hastings and Rye at the General Election have outlined why they think they are the best option as MP before the constituency heads to the polls next month.

The four people vying to be your next MP sat down with our reporter to answer a range of questions, including their stance on Brexit and their biggest priorities for Hastings and Rye.

Here, they each outline why they should be the next Hastings and Rye MP:

Peter Chowney, Labour:

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“I have been leader of Hastings council for four years and a councillor here so I know the area really well.

“I have represented people here for a long time. I have lived here for 22 years. It is a place I chose as my home – I wasn’t born and bred here – I chose it.

“I have been here a long time. I know everyone well. I know what works and what doesn’t. I think I know what is needed in Hastings and Rye, because I know the whole area reasonably well.

“Based on that – the sort of experience and knowledge and what I think will be a very good manifesto for Hastings and Rye – that’s why I would say I was the best candidate.”

Nick Perry, Liberal Democrat:

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“These are my three priorities: to stop Brexit; to tackle the climate crisis, however we can do that locally, joining up policy at borough, county and national level; and to secure local jobs and services because that’s what an MP is supposed to do.

“I have lived and worked and raised a family in Hastings and Rye for the last 12 years. I’m from St Helens, in the north west, originally. I lived in Cambridge for five years and then I lived in London for eight years before moving down here in 2007. (What brought me to Hastings) was we wanted a different pace of life than London life. London is a great city to live and work in but we were at the point of thinking about a family and both wanted to live by the sea and we came one bank holiday weekend to Hastings and we didn’t row so we thought ‘oh, this must be it’.

“It was the best move. It is a really cool place to live. I have got lots of happy memories from living in other places but Hastings is just a wonderful constituency.

“I came to work in the Crisis at Home treatment team, which is a mental health paramedic service, and I worked over the whole constituency, not just in the Hastings borough area, so I know the whole constituency very well.”

Sally-Ann Hart, Conservative:

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“I’ve brought my family up here, I’ve got a good grasp on local issues and I want to find out more. But also, to look at the message that we want to do. It’s to deliver Brexit so that we can focus on the issues that really matter to the people.

“We’ve got a good message to sell. I’m not into negative campaigning or politics. I don’t look on social media. I know there’s a lot of stuff out there about me but I don’t look at it, I’m not interested.

“We have got huge potential in this constituency and I can connect with people, I can talk to them and I can understand what the issues are and I want to understand what the other issues are. Let’s deliver things for people here.

“It’s about working on what we need to do and not worry what the other parties are talking about or saying or doing.”

Paul Crosland, Independent:

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“I’m a better candidate for you in the sense that as an Independent I’m more able to respond to the people rather than toe a party line. My campaign begins with standing for a pause on 5G technology roll-out because we must put our health first; nothing else works if we are not healthy – and with peace of mind. And even if some of the technology fears come from ‘fake news’ let’s create a reality where business interests are not trumping our needs and voices; whilst disregarding our right for informed consent.

“Far from being a single-issue campaign, #Pause5G is re-igniting community involvement in politics. I would not short-change due process in planning and in addressing our health concerns.

“How we treat ourselves and the powers that be are allowed to treat us is key to regaining dignity and a better destination. The destination I’m asking us to aspire for, involves building a shared set of visions of 1066Country as it would best be in 2066, taking onboard long-term transitions in climate, economic structures, ways of living and all.”