Hastings borough election results in full as Conservatives win four Labour seats and Greens make history

The Conservative party won four seats off Labour, while the Green party won their first ever seat on Hastings Borough Council during this year’s local election.

Labour, who held a 15-seat majority going into this election, ended the day with four fewer seats and a majority of 7. However, the party does retain overall majority of the council. Labour now have 19 seats, with the Conservatives holding 12 and the Green party with 1 on the 32-seat council.

Your new Hastings Borough Council is as follows:

Labour: 19 seats (-4)

Conservatives: 12 seats (+4)

Greens: 1 seat (+1)

The Conservatives gained Baird, Ore, St Helens, and Silverhill from Labour, while the Green party won Old Hastings, a seat which was filled by Independent councillor Dany Louise, who was elected in 2016 as a Labour candidate.

Here are the full results from this year’s Hastings Borough Council elections: