Labour and Greens to work together on Brighton and Hove City Council

Nancy Platts, Labour leaderNancy Platts, Labour leader
Nancy Platts, Labour leader
The two parties with the most seats on Brighton and Hove City Council have today (May 21) announced they will work together 'to tackle key issues affecting the city'.

This comes after Labour won 20 of the 54 council seats and the Greens won 19 in the local elections earlier this month.

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An annual meeting of the council on Wednesday (May 22) will see the Labour Party form the administration of the council and the Greens form the official opposition, with Cllr Nancy Platts as leader of the council and Cllr Phélim Mac Cafferty as convenor of the official opposition. Both parties have today announced a shared intent to work proactively on the city’s housing and homelessness crisis, the climate crisis, challenging austerity, working on diversity, inclusion, equalities and Brighton and Hove’s status as a City of Sanctuary.Cllr Nancy Platts, leader of the Labour Group, said: “Residents have sent a very clear message that they want and expect the progressive parties they voted for to work together. I am excited at the prospect of working with Green Party councillors and all interested groups to deliver positive change in our city.

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Phelim Mac Cafferty, convener of the GreensPhelim Mac Cafferty, convener of the Greens
Phelim Mac Cafferty, convener of the Greens

"While we are two distinct parties, we share many important objectives and will work together proactively to change the nature of council decision making to become more inclusive and transparent, as well as more collaborative.” Cllr Phélim Mac Cafferty, convenor of the Green Group, said: “As in the past four years, Greens will be constructive where it is needed in our role as official opposition. However, one thing is clear – our residents and our city deserve and need action on the critical issues of homelessness, climate crisis, austerity and city of sanctuary.

"We will work with the Labour Council and pledge to stand up for what is best for our city; and continue to hold our council to the high standards our city expects and deserves.”