Lewes District Council election results: live updates

Lewes District Council election results are due to be announced today (May 3).

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 7:32 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 8:38 pm
Lewes District Council election results are being announced today

All results are in:






RESULTS (elected in bold):

EAST SALTDEAN AND TELSCOMBE CLIFFS LABOUR GAIN: Labour Christine Sandra Robinson 786, Conservative Ron Maskell 747, Labour Laurence O’Connor 721, Conservative Andy Smith 692, Cathy Smith 672, Green Helen Thomas 621, Independent Wayne Botting 438, Independent Cathy Neave 382, Independent 328, Lib Dem Charles Boxer 316.

SEAFORD NORTH TORY GAIN: Conservative Jim Lord 505, Conservative Sylvia Lord 472, Lib Dems Morag Everden 400, Lib Dems Nazish Adil 381, Green Rebecca Francomb 308, Green Rachel Fryer 169, Labour Graham Lower 184.

LEWES PRIORY IND HOLD/GREEN GAIN: Independent Ruth O’Keefe 2,041, Green Imogen Makepeace 1,445, Green Matthew Bird 1,318, Green James Herbert 1,087, Independent Graham Mayhew 930, Independent Stephen Catlin 834, Lib Dem Joyce Bell, LibDem - 597, Lib Dem Kevin West 504, Lib Dem David Stechler 421, Labour Paul Grivell 227, Labour Trevor Hopper 225, Labour Tony Adams 212 Conservative Jane Slater 140, Conservative David Charnock 128, Conservative Tam Large 85.

OUSE VALLEY AND RINGMER GREEN GAIN: Green Johnny Denis 1,447, Green Emily O’Brien 1,135, Green Sean Macleod 1,023, Lib Dem Chris Bowers 599, Conservative Richard Turner 520, Conservative Claire Herbert 518, Lib Dem Victoria Vinecnt 504, Conservative David Terry 498, Lib Dem Malcolm 468, Labour Derek Brown 104, Labour Peter Hambly 94.

LEWES BRIDGE GREEN GAIN: Green Zoe Nicholson 929, Green Adrian Ross 810, Lib Dem Janet Baah 733, Lib Dem John Tregea Lamb 609, Labour Matt Ken 216, Labour Joy Beverley Mercer 175, Conservative Frances Tufnell 165. Conservative Colin French 152.

LEWES CASTLE GREEN GAIN: Green Milly Manley 630, Green Roy Clay 560, Lib Dem Oli Henman 482, Lib Dem Kate Wood 437, Labour Emily Jane Clarke 370, Labour Louis Robert Blair 194, independent Susan Jean Murray 139, Conservative Rosemarie Jeffery 92, Conservative Karen French 90.

DITCHLING AND WESTMESTON CON HOLD: Conservative Tom Jones 455, Lib Dem Vicky Byrne 384, Green Anthony Shuster 119.

CHAILEY, BARCOMBE AND HAMSEY CON HOLD: Conservative Sharon Davy 706, Conservative Isabelle Linington 639, Lib Dem Michael James Percy 440, Lib Dem Peter Edward Spain 389, Green Holly Atkins 375, Green Brenda Barnes 343, Labour Nicholas George Belcher 129, Lab Jack Curham 102.

NEWHAVEN NORTH IND/LIB DEM HOLD: Independent Steve Saunders 393, Lib Dem Julie Carr 311, Independent Paul Woolven 305, Lib Dem Charlie Carr 280, Conservative Tony Bradbury 269, Conservative Bill Giles 239,

Tony Bradbury - Conservative Party: 269, Green Nisha Vesuwala 118, Green David John Keymer Hoare 110, Labour Steve Floor 107.

NEWHAVEN SOUTH LIB DEM GAIN: Liberal Democrat Graham Amy 751, Liberal Democrat Christoph David Kurthy 628, Liberal Democrat James MacCleary 609, Labour Jan Woodling 322, Conservative Peter Charlton 261, Green Annabella Ashby 257, Green Elaine Bolt 251, Conservative Dave Argent 215, Conservative Linda Wallraven 212, Green Martin O’Brien 210.

PEACEHAVEN EAST LABOUR GAIN CONSERVATIVE HOLD: Conservative Margaret Lynda Duhigg 426, Labour Chris Collier 376, Conservative Nigel Enever 352, Labour Alan Alfred Milliner 330, UKIP Deborah Holt 207, Green Sylvie Bouhier 186,

SEAFORD SOUTH LIB DEM AND TORY HOLD: Conservative Sam Adeniji 598, Lib Dem Christine Anne Brett 588, Lib Dem Olivia Honeyman 581, Conservative Chris Sumners 496, Labour Christine Mary Platford 208, Green Geoffrey Cox 182, Green Richard Ford 175.

PEACEHAVEN WEST CON GAIN: Conservative Joe Miller 329, Conservative Nicola Kim Papanicolaou 323, Ind Lyn Mills 270, UKIP Phil Howson 233, Green Marisa Guthrie 222, Liberal Democrats Danny Zac Stevenson 209, Green Debra Vice-Holt 164, Independent Robbie Robertson 152.

KINGSTON LIB DEM HOLD: Lib Dem William David Meyer 424, Conservative Susan Chowen 191, Green Dirk Campbell 148, Labour David Michael Hallet 56.

NEWICK TORY HOLD: Conservative Roy Burman 443, Lib Dem James Earl 156, Green Susan Jappie 135, Labour Jo Chamberlain 43.

SEAFORD CENTRAL LIB DEM AND CON HOLD: Lib Dem Stephen John Gauntlett 575, Conservative Geoff Rutland 435, Lib Dem Maggie Wearmouth 393, Labour Penny Lower 371, Conservative Bill Webb 340, Green Veronica Sanz 219, Green Johannes Hirn 204.

SEAFORD EAST CON HOLD: Conservative Phil Boorman 651, Conservative Julian Peterson 631, Green Mary De Pleave 353, UKIP Pete Leeming 332, UKIP Eric Woodward 296, Green Steven Guthrie 265, Labour Alun Gwyn Tlusty-Sheen 264.

PEACEHAVEN NORTH TORY HOLD: Conservative Phil Davis 454, Conservative Keira Dawn Rigden 448, Labour Dawn Paul 278, Green Katie Hawk 207, UKIP Ian Buchanan 193, Green Rikki Begley 158.

SEAFORD WEST TORY HOLD: Conservative Ian White 769, Conservative Liz Boorman 749, Green Zoe Ford 566, Green Michael McCoy 365, Labour John Edson 321.

WIVELSFIELD TORY HOLD: Conservative Nancy Bikson 367, Lib Dem Iantha Kirkup 167, Green Patti Broome 112.

PLUMPTON, STREET, EAST CHILTINGTON AND ST JOHN WITHOUT LIB DEM HOLD: Robert Banks, Lib Dem: 617. Stephen Morris, Con: 215. Brenden Carroll, Green: 79. Frank Forman, Lab: 27.

The count is being held at the Amex Stadium in Falmer.

Currently the Conservatives have 20 councillors, the Lib Dems nine, three Greens and nine independents.