Lewes Town Council election results - Lib Dems narrowly pip Greens

The Lib Dems have narrowly pipped the Greens to be the largest party on Lewes Town Council.

Tuesday, 7th May 2019, 5:18 pm
Lewes Town Hall

Going into last week’s poll the Lib Dems had six seats compared to the Greens’ five, with seven independents.

The Greens made large gains at Lewes District Council, trebling their councillors from three to nine to become the official opposition.

Although they now have seven town council seats this is one fewer than the Lib Dems finished on with eight.

Three independents were re-elected: Ruth O’Keeffe, Stephen Catlin and Graham Mayhew, all in Priory.

A boundary review has seen the creation of a fourth ward - Lewes Central - but the overall number of seats remains unchanged at 18.


LEWES BRIDGE: Janet Baah (LDem) 1257 ELECTED, Richard Burrows (LDem) 1064 ELECTED, Paul Duckett (Incredible Dancing Man) 267, Guy Earl (LDem) 939 ELECTED, Clare Herbert (Con) 208, Richard Hurn (Lab) 396, Matt Kent (Lab) 539, John Lamb (LDem) 1125 ELECTED, Joy Mercer (Lab) 505, Merlin Milner (LDem) 1031 ELECTED, Peter Murphy (Lab) 473, Gaby Weiner (Lab) 454.

LEWES CASTLE: Louis Blair (Lab) 259, Emily Clark (Lab) 420, Oli Henman (LDem) 565 ELECTED, James Herbert (Green) 521 ELECTED, Emily Kramers (LDem) 367, Pamela Lewis (Lab) 206, Sharon Lloyd (Lab) 180, Susan Murray (Ind) 262,

Shirley-Anne Sains (LDem) 437 ELECTED, Richard Turner (Con) 103, Kate Wood (LDem) 479 ELECTED.

LEWES CENTRAL: Linda Drabble (Lab) 63, Tony Parker (LDem) 144, David Terry (Con) 16, Jonathan Vernon (Green) 161 ELECTED.

LEWES PRIORY: Tony Adams (Lab) 488, Adam Barker (no party listed) 616, Joyce Bell (LDem) 1,139, Matthew Bird (Green) 2104 ELECTED, Stephen Catlin (no party listed) 1,374 ELECTED, David Charnock (Con) 288, Eugene Gill (LDem) 925, Paul Grivell (Lab) 496, Peter Hambly (Lab) 413, Rob Handy (Green) 1,548 ELECTED, Trevor Hopper (Lab) 352, Imogen Makepeace (Green) 1,950 ELECTED, Wendy Maples (Green) 1,637 ELECTED, Graham Mayhew (Ind) 1,218 ELECTED, Katherine Nicholas (Lab) 419, Andrew Norris (LDem) 748, Ruth O’Keeffe (Ind) 2,428 ELECTED, Chris Parke (Lab) 336, Mike Percy (LDem) 679, Sherry Russell (Lab) 465, Jane Slater (Con) 261, David Stechler (LDem) 789, Richard Waring (Green) 1,523 ELECTED, Kevin West (LDem) 863.