Palestinian solidarity rally planned for Worthing

Campaigners will hold a rally in solidarity with the people of Palestine in Worthing next weekend.

The Gaza Strip, a patch of Palestinian land surrounded by Israel, has been the scene of deadly fighting over the last few weeks that has killed more than 250 people – the vast majority of whom are Palestinian.

On Saturday (May 29), between 12pm and 2pm, campaigners including Worthing Labour councillor Henna Chowdury, Jewish Voice for Labour’s Glyn Secker and local resident Sa-jed Sadozai will hold a rally outside the Town Hall in Chapel Road.

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The rally will also hear from Palestinian speakers who have first-hand experience of living in Gaza.


Mr Sadozai, who helped organise the event, said: “I am a resident of Worthing and recently attended the Brighton Palestine solidarity march. I found that lots of Worthing residents were talking about the injustice against Palestinians but no march had been organised.

“I took the initiative to organise one to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people. I’m overwhelmed by how much support there is in the Worthing community, and how much people care.”

A ceasefire was called on Friday (May 21), but Gaza has been beset with violence for well over a decade.

A spokesman for the rally said it was also in solidarity with Palestinians living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem – land occupied by Israel but home to many Palestinians – that has also seen years of violence.

The spokesman said Palestinians are still living under a ‘brutal military occupation’ that severely limits their freedoms of movement and expression.

“These Palestinians in Israel are subject to unprovoked and violent attacks upon the streets as they go about their daily lives,” said the spokesman.

“This is why people in Worthing are joining millions of others worldwide to deliver the message that the complicity of our Government, political leaders and corporations with this system of apartheid must end.

“The international community has welcomed the ceasefire as it did after previous Israeli wars on Gaza. However, this is not the time for words and empty promises. We want to see action to deliver on the rights of the Palestinian people.

“The rally will call for an end to the arms trade with Israel, an end to all trade that supports violations of international law, and an end to investment in companies that support this illegality.

“The protest and the ongoing campaign does not end here. It will continue until the Palestinian people enjoy what should be their birth right: freedom, justice and equality in their historic homeland.”