Remainers gauge public mood over Brexit in Chichester

Anti-Brexit campaigners went in to Chichester city centre to gauge public opinion this weekend.

The Brexit Moodometer
The Brexit Moodometer

The European Movement Portsmoth and Chichester branch invited members of the public to show how they feel about Brexit on a 'Brexit Moodometer' on Saturday (August 3).

The 'moodometer' options included: Optimistic, happy, excited, bored, depressed, sad, worried, angry.

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Campaigners also asked 'do you think Brexit should be stopped?'

The Brexit Moodometer

They said the majority of responses from members of the public were negative. Campaigners also allege that all five stickers in the 'excited' box came from one man who was 'so excited' by the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

European Movement spokesman John Wilton said: “We were delighted so many turned out to help us today, from all corners of our branch, and that such large numbers of the public wanted to engage with our volunteers.

"Many people were surprised that so many others locally shared their views on this and quite a few took pictures of the Moodometer results to share with their family and friends. Others thanked us profusely for keeping up the fight to stop Brexit.

"The results were a clear message to our local Members of Parliament, and the newly installed Prime Minister and his government. that the public in this area do not want Brexit in any form, let alone a ‘No deal Brexit’ that the Government now seem intent on pursuing, regardless of the damage it will do.

Campaigners at the stall in Chichester on Saturday

"We and other pro-European campaign groups will continue to campaign ceaselessly on a non-party political basis for us to remain as members of the European Union.”