These are the 22 sites where almost 2,000 new Mid Sussex homes could be built

Developments totalling nearly 2,000 new homes across 22 sites in Mid Sussex could be allocated by the district council.


Next week backbench councillors will scrutinise a draft Site Allocations Development Plan Document prior to a public consultation being held. Proposed allocations sites are shaded in purple.

Proposed for 43 homes. Housebuilding is already ongoing to the west of the site at the Folders Grove development
Proposed 300 homes. The allocation should include open space and play areas for children. The land is in the ownership of a housebuilder
Proposed 12 flats plus community use. This site is under the ownership of Mid Sussex District Council
Proposed 30 homes. It is describes as overgrown and inacessible land designated as local green space in the neighbourhood plan
Mixed use 200 dwellings plus 100 dwellings and community facilites. Public buildings in The Brow are already due to be redeveloped as part of the One Estate programme. Documents say St Wilfrid's Primary School is set to relocate to the St Paul's Catholic College site
Proposed 30 homes. This site would have to integrate into the Northern Arc strategic development surrounding it.
Proposed 22 dwellings. The development would have to respect the parland setting of East court and protect nearby heritage assets
Proposed 200 homes. The objectives would include delivering a 'sympathetic extension' to Felbridge
Proposed 550 dwellings including local centre and care community, early years and primary school, and land for playing fields for Imberhorne School.
Proposed 25 homes. Objectives include 'delivering a high quality, landscape led sustainable urban extension to Haywards Heath'.
Proposed 50 homes. Objectives listed are to deliver a high quality landscape led sustainable extension to Crawley Down
Proposed 55 dwelings. As well as housing a scheme would have to include formal and informal open space
Proposed 130 homes. A planning application for the site was supported by Mid Sussex District Council's development control committee in late July.
Proposed 100 homes. A development could include public space, children's play area, scout hut and parking
Proposed 12 dwellings. Objectives include delivering a sensitive extension to Ashurst Wood 'which respects the character and setting of the High Weald AONB'.
Proposed 35 dwellings at St Martin Close (west) plus 30 at St Martin Close (east).
Proposed 25 homes.
Proposed 30 homes.
Proposed 35 homes. The site is a former brickyard now greenfield.
Proposed 20 homes. Objectives for the site include to deliver a sympathetic extension to Scaynes H ill which works with the contours of the site focusing development on the more level eastern portion
Proposed 16 homes. The current use is an active farmstead
Proposed 12 homes. The current use is a commercial garage and car parking