Weeds ‘becoming a trip hazard’ on city pavements

Two councillors are raising concerns about weeds causing a trip hazard on quiet residential roads.

Independent councillor Bridget Fishleigh, who represents Rottingdean Coastal ward, said that people in her area had ended up in hospital after tripping on weeds growing between paving stones.

She plans to ask Brighton and Hove City Council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee to make paving safe around shops and bus stops and on sloping pavements.

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Councillor Fishleigh said: “Numerous older people have hurt themselves when slipping on wet vegetation growing between pavements in Rottingdean Coastal ward.

“Unfortunately, several have had to go to hospital with head injuries.”

Labour councillor Theresa Fowler who represents Hollingdean and Stanmer ward, is concerned about long grass across the pavement in Hollingdean Terrace.

She said: “As much as I do enjoy seeing the wildflowers that have been popping up by the roadside and agree that we do not use pesticides, Hollingdean Terrace is looking particularly bad with long grass lying across the pavement.”

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The council said that it did not use glyphosate weed killer last year and would not be spraying the herbicide this year either.

Council workers are removing weeds by hand in some places.

Last year extra workers were employed from July to clear weeds from city roads.

Workers removed weeds from 472 roads in Brighton and Hove last year.

In October last year, Patcham ward councillor Alistair McNair shared his concerns about overgrown pavements in Hollingbury causing a trip hazard.

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The latest questions are listed to go before the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee meeting which is due to start at 4pm net Tuesday (22 June). The meeting is scheuled to be webcast on the council’s website.