Would you donate your £150 council tax rebate to those in most need in Hastings?

Hastings residents could be asked to donate their £150 council tax rebates to support those most vulnerable to the cost of living crisis.

Speaking after his re-election as council leader on Wednesday (May 25), Labour’s Paul Barnett spoke of his new Green/Labour administration’s plans to set up an emergency fund for those hit by rising costs. This would come on top of the household support fund, he said.

While the council is set to use around £250,000 of government money for this fund, Cllr Barnett said this figure was ‘not enough’ and revealed plans to ask for donations to boost its spending power.

He said he hoped these donations could come from the £150 council tax rebates, which are being paid to residents living in band A to D homes.

Many households are struggling with the cost of living crisis

Cllr Barnett said: “I will be inviting residents of the town, those residents who are able to, to donate their £150 they’ve been given by the government for energy to this fund.

“This is part of, in my view, an invitation to the people of this town to help each other. We are a very good caring town, but there is a lot more we can do.

“I know, there are a lots of people in this town who would like to be seen to be helping someone less fortunate than themselves. If they don’t need the £150 for whatever reason, please donate it to this fund and help the people who are really struggling.”

Details of the fund are expected to go to a cabinet meeting in the near future.