Recycling is '˜never a waste of time'

GREEN campaigners met Rother District Council's recycling officer, Fergus Cameron, on Monday this week and were assured that sorting household waste is never a waste of time.

Barbara Rogers, one of four members of the Bexhill Environmental Group to attend, said: “We learned that not one bit of recyclable rubbish in our recycling bins goes to landfill.

“We were also pleased to hear that Rother’s domestic cardboard recycling scheme, started in January, is proving a big success.”

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She added: “Then there is the numbers thing with plastic.

“We don’t need to look for numbers on plastic anymore for it to be recycled. So long as the plastic is bottle-shaped it can go straight into the recycling bin.”

It was stressed that while it is possible to recycle some plastics in other forms, the companies that process such materials cannot handle them in anything but bottle shapes.

Bexhill Environmental Group colleague, Richard Wheeler, said the delegates who had met Mr Cameron had welcomed his clarification on various points.

He said: “For example, those tops that we take off the bottles and jars that we recycle can themselves be recycled in our domestic black box, or in the public bins for metal.

“ I’m sure there’s scope for everyone to do even more recycling, which can only be a good thing for the environment.

“ But, of course, we need to remember the three R’s - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle; and the first two R’s really do need to come first”