The annual Summer Show by the Spotlight Players is held at St Mary's Church Hall, Decoy Drive, Hampden Park, Eastbourne.
The Spotlight Players GroupThe Spotlight Players Group
The Spotlight Players Group

The Spotlight Players' Summer Show this year revived nostalgic memories from music, theatre and television, spanning the decades of the life of our monarch, King Charles III. The audience were treated to the music of Rodgers and Hammerstein, the Beatles, Elvis, not to mention the catchy melody, "Dancing in the Moonlight", which had been a hit in 2000 for Eastbourne group, Toploader, as well as perennial favourites from "Oliver" and "West Side Story". Eurovision has been a fixture since 1955 and UK contributions from that event were featured as well as from "Top of the Pops". Comic moments abounded from "The Two Ronnies", "On the Buses", “Carry on Camping", and the puppet show featuring Sooty Sweep and Sue. Mr Blobby aka Sam Christie made a guest appearance. "The Full Monty" was skilfully executed by the "New Chippendales" (Barry Parks, Sam Christie and Ben Russell) and were joined at the end of their routine by a pair of suitably attired belly dancers, Di Lace and Gloria Whalley. Hazel Gausden and Sharon Bignell made a hilarious couple of Northern lasses in "Groupies". There was plenty of fine singing, especially from soloists Jackie Bignell, Natasha Gardener and David Clifford, and some nifty footwork from Hazel Gausden, Natasha Gardener and Sharon Bignell in "Dancing on the Ceiling". Much too soon it was time for the finale, with the hit song, "The Best Days of My Life", now known as "Summer of 69". All credit to Natasha Gardener (Director), ably assisted by Trish Parks, who also compered he show, as well as performing in it, Wendy Hammond for her superb musical direction and Barry Parks for his outstanding props and scenery. Not forgetting Ross Norman for his writing skills, as well as his inimitable comic talents (Dame Edna "Hello Possums" Everage unexpectedly turned up!) Proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets and refreshments went to the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service. Looking forward to Spotlight's next production which will be the Christmas Pantomime.