Roadworks are clogging up everyone’s ability to commute

I live in Lindfield and my business office is in Burgess Hill. The situation between the two is an absolute disgrace.
Picture by Kate SchemeltPicture by Kate Schemelt
Picture by Kate Schemelt

It used to take me 15 minutes in the morning to drive from Lindfield to Burgess Hill but it now takes me up to 45 minutes. Everyone I know is complaining about the roadworks at every entrance road to Burgess Hill and each traffic light can take up to five or ten minutes to get through them. They are all bad and so I cannot select just one. We are all amazed as to why the council have allowed all the road entrances to Burgess Hill to be blocked up at the same time. Could the work not have been phased over a period of months? Frankly, I find travelling between Lindfield and Burgess Hill and back more exhausting than actually working.

Martin Haslam

Hickmans Lane


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